Google Street View to my rescue

I wanted to get to attend mass at the local Catholic church but wasn’t sure of the actual times. I remembered that almost every church has a board with important meeting times, like, yes mass.

Before reaching for the car keys, i fired up Google Street View and i wasn’t at all disappointed.

See you at mass

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What if…

… Sun Microsystems had been bought by a different company. How would the new certification names sound.

It used to be Sun Certified Java Programmer, now Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer, cool isn’t it. Through in those shouting red colors and you can be seen a mile away.

Now what if Sun was bought by other companies;

  • Google Certified Java Geek – you’ve got to be kidding, is it still in beta
  • IBM Certified Java Development Professional for the Java 5 Platform – it would expire 🙁
  • RedHat Certified Engineer for Java – where is my clibboard, the wooden one
  • I will be adding more as i discover them, add yours via the comments

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