So i’m creating a developer machine, HP Probook 6560b. 8GB RAM, 500GB HDD. I will be running LinuxMint 17. I installed it using bootable USB. Below are the steps to get it ready for work, i’m a Java developer dabling in Python, Django.

Step 1
– change the Firefox search engine to Google.
– Go to here
– Click on the search engine drop down and add. Remove the rest.

Step 2
– lets get the system upto date.

Step 3
– install Ubuntu Tweak so that we can be able to keep the system clean.

Step 4
– install Oracle JDK.

– and remove Open JRE that is installed by default

Step 5
– install Git and Svn for source control.

Step 6
– install Google Chrome

Step 7
– install MySQL

Step 8
– install PostgreSQL

Step 9
– let make sure the Python environment is ready